Black coal, thin ice

Blackcoal_120x160OKK.inddAlthough it sounds as a cliche, when I saw this Chinese film I thought that the man that appeared with the female main character at the beginning was the same person of the police officer who thereupon started to look into the mysterious murder of a quartered miner. And then I was most of the film thinking why the policeman slept with the female suspect until I was aware that they were different people.

Anyway, “Black coal, thin ice” is a neo noir about a strange case with a strange solution that when I went out the cinema, trying to conceive a way to write a report about the movie, it didn’t suggest me anything except confusion. Not from the plot but the environment, the culture that has produced it. It’s not the western psychology indeed. I’m not used to those faces, to the ways which the director expresses the feelings of the characters, the emotions involved. Even though there are a few good moments, some scenes that manage to accomplish the atmosphere, the strain that you are looking for when you buy a ticket to watch a story of detectives and murderers. It’s only the complaint that the film doesn’t deepen in those aspects you may expect to know more, and it does carry out other storylines that seems to be irrelevant and when the movie ends you stay in your seat thinking: “Ok, is that all?”



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