Ulee’s Gold

beekeeperIf you want to see how your serious father or grandfather become gradually close to tears, you would only have to play Ulee’s Gold on the TV.

Ulee is a grandfather that takes care of his two granddaughters while his wayward son is in jail. His tragedy is that, after a whole life working, he seems to be obliged to pay for his descendants’s sins. Above all, this sensation increases when suddenly the mother of the girls, a drug addict, appears, and Ulee has to cope with all the problems that are going to be originated by this situation.

The key of Ulee’s Gold is that all of us know a story like this that comes from the depths of despair. It’s possible that it would have happened to us, or we may have heard of it told by a friend. Anyway, under no circumstances should we make fun of a story like this. The success of this movie, and what makes it difficult to forget, is its condition of reflecting a real situation.

Above all, a situation that all parents are afraid of it. Even if we were ideal teenagers, a mother or a father would be always fraught of the possibility of one of their children becoming an offender or a drug addict. To sum up, Ulee’s Gold is a movie that teaches us to understand our parent’s fear of losing us.



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